Investors can only participate through a registered Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) or a licensed agent under the North West Exemption.

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Institutional investors have the opportunity to invest directly into "The Steal Trap" film production. A Limited Partnership has been created to enable Canadian investors to participate in the funding of the film which will be filmed and produced in Los Angeles, California without having to deal with any cross border taxation issues. Ultimately, a return on investment will be generated by the proper monetization of the film once it has been produced.

The principals of Triledor have an intimate understanding of how to properly monetize the film and all the income projections have been generated by the firms Baseline Intelligence and Film Profits. Dan Kaplow, who has signed a Letter of Intent to produce the film, has created a highly detailed breakdown of the budget.

There is a clear vision of how much the film will cost to produce and how much the film should generate based on comparable films. Kaplow has existing relationships with distributors that will aid in the acquisition of a worldwide distribution deal.

Through a combination of premium payments and profit sharing we are projecting a return on investment to our investors of:
Low- 102% Mid- 192% High- 259%.

The Offering Memorandum is being prepared by:

McCullough O'Connor Irwin LLP, Solicitors, Vancouver, BC