The Triledor executive team is dedicated to producing quality feature films that the public will not only want to pay to see but be happy that they did, and want to see more from Triledor. That is our simple goal and our stated mission.

David Robertson
Chief Executive Officer

The son of 1930's British film star Paddy Browne, David Robertson knew his future in entertainment was secure when his Grade 1 teacher noted in his report card that David had "a tendency to daydream". Those dreams led to his first film being purchased for national telecast by CBC Television and a job with United Artists in distribution. After dining in the MGM commissary in Hollywood with an industry leader, David was encouraged to start his own film distribution company, Foundation Film Corporation. He followed that with the formation of Feature Finance, Inc. which directed many millions of dollars of private investor capital into 14 productions, mostly features.

As a founding sponsor VIP Member of the Toronto International Film Festival, David soon became the VIP Membership Director of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. As a singer/songwriter, his song on Baywatch enhanced his status as Manager of Little Mountain Sound Studio in Vancouver, home to hit albums by Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Jimmy Page, Bryan Adams and many others. After residing in Beverly Hills and partnering with a private financier in the pending launch of his Intellectual Property portfolio of original songs, books, film and television concepts, new business ideas and inventions, David can now thank his creative tendency to daydream for all his past and future accomplishments including as Executive Producer of the upcoming feature thriller "The Steal Trap".

Michael Kaufmann
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Kaufmann's passion for film began at the age of seven. Since then he has viewed over 1500 films. He was a successful actor from age 10 to 14, working in theatre, commercials, films and television. At the young age of 17, Michael turned to a career in sales and marketing, excelling quickly. He spent the years from 1992 to 1998 climbing rapidly from direct to corporate sales.

In 1998. as a sales consultant, he raised capital from private investors for several corporations, both domestic and international. In 2000, he turned his focus to the internet, spending the next 7 years as an affiliate marketer and consultant. In 2001, he again successfully raised capital for private companies, prompting him to begin looking for a personal project he could take ownership of and raise capital for. By combining his love for film with his fundraising skills, he launched himself into a new career. Through a partnership with entertainment entrepreneur David Robertson, Michael achieved his dream of finding his own project and is now Executive Producer of "The Steal Trap", a script he discovered. Michael, along with the original screen writer, revised this powerful story into its final draft.